Fire Alarm Systems

Protection Systems, Inc. is a regional leader in the service and installation of fire alarm systems. We can confidently provide you with a fire detection and alarm system whether it’s for new construction or a retrofit of an outdated existing system. We proudly service customers across all of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Our design team and technicians are NICET Certified and factory trained by industry leaders such as Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell, Silent Knight by Honeywell, Farenhyt by Honeywell and Mircom Technologies.

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Nurse Call Systems

The healthcare industry provides a unique opportunity for a wide range of life safety systems to be implemented. Systems including Nurse Call, Patient Wandering, Infant Protection and Staff to Staff Communications all can be handled by the well trained staff we have. Protection Systems, Inc is an Elite Partner with Tektone and we strive to provide the highest level of knowledge and service available when it comes to systems that take care of our most vulnerable.

Security and Access Control Systems

In today’s day and age, physical security and access control have never been more important. From protecting and controlling the access to your facility, to monitoring your property while you are away, we have the knowledge and the systems to serve you best. We tailor each and every system to suit the needs of our customers and ensure that you can feel confident that your investments are safe and secure. We will work with you from design to installation and make sure you are comfortable with the level of security for today with the ability to adapt for the future. We work directly with a number of different manufacturers to ensure we have access to the right system for your needs.

Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Physical Security and Access Control are fantastic tools to ensure your investments are safe and secure, but that doesn’t always deter people from attempting to breach your first line of defense. In addition to physical security and access control, we provide another level of security through the deployment of video surveillance systems. These systems not only deter people from attempting to enter your property unlawfully but also catch them in the act! If someone unlawfully enters your property, it is critical that you have a video surveillance system that can identify who that person is and provide you with irrefutable evidence you can take to the proper authorities. This technology is always changing and we continue to educate our staff and update our systems through multiple different manufacturers.

School Intercom & Clock Systems

Protection Systems, Inc. has years of experience installing and servicing paging and intercom systems. We have installed systems in everything from small office buildings to medium public schools and large campus type universities. Whether it’s directed to a specific room or generalized all call emergency paging, we have the system that is right for you using recognized names like Bogen Communications and American Time, among others. Adding a Wireless Clock system is a great way to keep your staff and/or students all on the same time. We can seamlessly integrate these systems to make sure announcements and tones go out to the right people, at the right time.

Sound Systems

Need a high-quality sound system for your conference room, chapel, arena or auditorium? We’ve got the skills and equipment to provide you with a sound system that will make you feel like you’re in a concert hall. With names like JBL, BOSE, Crown and many more, we can build a system that will perform to your needs regardless of the application.